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I’ve created this site for sharing and preserving stories and photos of Sean Kealy. Please take a few minutes to share a memory, story, photo or thought.

Sean & Cara Kealy Children’s Trust FAQ

We have legally established the Sean and Cara Kealy Childrens Trust, where folks can make contributions to help Harrison and Declan.


You can send contributions by check to:


Sean & Cara Kealy Children’s Trust
124 West 79th Street Apt. 9B
New York, NY 10024


Frequently Asked Questions about the Sean Kealy Family Trust

Q: Who is the Trustee? The Trustee of the Sean & Cara Kealy Children’s Trust is Courtney Kealy. Should Courtney cease to act as Trustee for any reason, Ben Kealy is named as successor Trustee.

Q: What can distributions be used for? The Trustee can make distributions for almost any reason that the Trustee decides are in  Harrison and Declan’s best interests. For example, the Trustee could use trust funds to pay outstanding bills, tuition, insurance premiums, groceries, clothing – anything that the boys could need.

Q: Can the Trustee make distributions to herself/himself? No. There is nothing in the document that would authorize the Trustee to make distributions for her/his own benefit. If a Trustee made distributions that benefited herself or himself, the Trustee would have breached her/his obligations to the beneficiaries.

Q: Can I take a charitable deduction for a donation to the Sean & Cara Kealy Children’s Trust? No. Gifts to the trust are not eligible for a charitable deduction.

Q: Do I have to pay a gift tax on gifts to the Trust? It depends. All gifts to the Trust are subject to the ordinary gift tax rules. If you are making a sizable gift, you should consult with your own advisor about the tax implications of that gift.

My big brother, my best friend – My Eulogy for Sean

So much of who I am, is because of my brother Sean right down to how I speak. From the time, I could walk, Sean led and I followed.


When I was 6, I wanted nothing more than to put on a football helmet and pads and to be big and strong just like my big brother. As we grew, he gave me so much more to emulate.


Sean and I shared a room until he left for Boston College. I was so excited for him to leave,

I was 13 and would finally have my own space.


But a funny thing happened after he left, though the physical distance between us grew, we grew closer.
I’d visit him at BC and meet all his great friends and I’d see a vision of my future. We started talking on the phone a lot, I’d share with him what I was going on with me in HS and he’d tell me of the tales of BC.
The most important one was of the wonderful girl he met, the love of his life, Cara.


From the beginning it was obvious how happy she made him so when eventually he told us he wanted to propose, we couldn’t have been happier for them.


My mom, Sean, Courtney, and I all made a day of it. We hit the diamond district all together to pick out the perfect ring for Sean to give Cara. Then on a beautiful May day, so many of us that are here today, witnessed Sean and Cara commit their lives to each other. Sean was leading the way for me as he always had, showing where my life could go next.


When I was ready to find that person for myself, I looked to Sean and Cara as my model for big things as much as little things like a shared love of football makes fall Saturdays and Sundays easier on a relationship.


Over the years, the distance between us had continued to grow as I moved yet further south, but we were closer than ever. we’d spend hours on the phone some nights going thru cell batteries, cordless phone batteries, sometimes ending up on Skype if necessary.  Not that we had anything particularly important to say but still we’d talk for hours, it was how we were able to spend time together despite the distance.


As I watched Sean become a father and too soon afterwards face the biggest challenge of their marriage, I saw my big strong older brother show so much more emotional strength than I even thought he had. He took on everything that came his way and stood up against it like a rock trying to shield his family and his life.

With his boys, I saw him exhibit patience, I wasn’t sure either of us had and with Cara, a sweet tenderness that made him seem so wonderfully soft.


My brother Sean showed me how to be a man, a husband, a father. He showed me strength and resolve, love and tenderness.


He showed me how to be a good and loyal friend and I’ve been lucky enough to make a lot of good and loyal friends in return on my journey, but the best friend I made was Sean.


He was my big brother, my best friend, and I’ll hear his voice in mine for all my days.