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One of the great joys of publishing has been hearing from Kealys from around the world. It often happens the same way. Someone decides to type Kealy into their browser or search engine and they find the Needless to say they are surprised to find a site dedicated to Kealys. Sometimes they sign my guestbook or they email me to say they saw the site. Either way, it's always cool to hear from another Kealy and to make another connection.I've heard from so many Kealys it occured to me that it might be valuable information for other Kealy researching their own geneology. The following is a collection of emails I have received since 1997. It's interesting to read and see the connections between different Kealy lines. In at least 3 instances the Kealy name has been preserved as a beautiful name for a girl. A great name doesn't go easy.

What in a name? According to Chris Kealy's site, "The name 'Kealy' is an anglicised version of the Gaelic name O'Cadhla, which originates from the West of Ireland.The name was anglicized during the colonization of Ireland by the British.The name signified one who was possessed of an elegant gait, ie. way of walking. Whether the name O'Cadhla disappeared completely or if it was ever revived is unknown to us at this time."

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Kealys from Ireland 
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Email me to let me know you are out there and I'll add your letter.(Check the email address and remove the ObviousSpaM words before sending email).
Otherwise, you can always view or sign the guestbook or visit a Kealy geneology message board not on
(If you would like to connect with one of these Kealys, I can try and help but email addresses I have might be out of date for many. Also, I will not give out someone's email address without first getting permission from that person.)


Kealys from around the United States



My name is Jacquelyn Kealy Whitener. I live in the Dallas area. Father- Robert Hansen Kealy; Grandfather Sam Houston Kealy. I also have one living aunt, a brother, a sister 1 cousin still here in the Dallas area. My grandfather was born in Lewisville TX, the rest of us born in Dallas. My brother has possession of the family Bible with all the details of the family tree. I am, needless to say, a TRUE KEALY until the day I die!!! And I have emphasized to my children that they have Kealy blood and to do the name proud.

I look forward to keeping up with all the Kealy news. I am descended from John Kealy who arrived in New York from the Mother Country with his brother. Again, I will have to do some digging to find details that escape me right now.

Top o'the morning to you!!
Jacquelyn Kealy Whitener
Dallas, TX



As of now I will be living in Boston Mass while I am going to school. Hello not sure if there is any relation my grandfather name was John Kealy he lived in Dublin and worked at the Guinness plant.Let me know if any of that rings a bell.
Conor Kealy


 Hi Ben,
I came across your site while I was trying to show my mom how the internet "works". I simply typed in our family name to see what came up. It was a treat to see the website you set-up! What a great job! I'm Tory Arnold (formerly Victoria Kealy) I think we're second cousins through our fathers. My dad was Himan Kealy, his brother was Hutch Kealy and they are first cousins with your father. I don't know if you remember my bother Ryan and I from years ago but I know we visited you all in NY from Chicago. Anyway, congratulations on your recent wedding! I'm also recently married,
June 2, 2001 to Joe Arnold. Bob Kealy was there to perform the ceremony and other Kealy's included Hutch Jr. and wife Sarah, his sisters Sheila and Jennifer O'Keefe and a few members of the Marks family (more cousins).

I'm writing just to say I enjoyed and if you and Vickie are ever in Chicago, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Tory & Joe Arnold
Chicago, IL



There is a bunch of us Kealys in Council Bluffs Iowa area. I do know they came through New York, with alot of them settling in and around St. Edward Nebraska. My Aunt Janet has done extensive research on the family tree. I am pretty sure she does not have a computer. She could probably answer any questions. If you want to contact her she can be reached at:
Janet Kealy
Ralston, Ne.
We did have a Kealy family reunion last summer and had over 250 Kealy's and outlaws attend. If I can help you in any other way let me know.
Tom Kealy
Council Bluffs, IA



What a shock to run across your website and find that there are more Kealys in Atlanta 1 I am a Florida transplant and the daughter of a Michigan Kealy. Congrats on your recent wedding...I myself got married on 2 F23 F02 and reluctantly pted to use Kealy as my middle name I was quite impressed and pleased to see that someone put together a site about the Kealys!

You have a great site! I forwarded a link to my aunt in Michigan who has, in the last 5 years or so, traced our family history throughout the states and back to Ireland.

Erin Kealy Edebohls
Atlanta, GA


Hi Ben,
my name is Conor Kealy, and I was surprised to see this site no the net, while looking for my coat of arms. I would like to find out if in fact there is some relation. My father's name is Leslie Kealy, he moved to the U.S. 30 some years ago, his father's name was John if that helps. I would love to hear back if you find out anything interesting. Thank's for your time,
another proud Kealy
Conor Kealy




I'm Timothy Kealy from the U.S. and I was looking for info on the kealy family and I came to this web page. You probobly never heard of me but you might have herd of my grandfather Ray(bud)Kealy he lives in Washington with my grandmother. If you don't know him you might know my father Kevin Kealy! Other then that you might know my great grandmother but I dont know her first name so thats not very much help!
Well if you want to e-mail me back here is my e-mail xxxx.

Timothy Kealy



I was searching my first name, Kealy, and I wanted to know what it meant. I found your website, thought maybe you could tell me.
Kealy Opelt


My name is Kevin Kealy. I live in Washington State. I would imagine that we are related somehow. My side of the family came to Washington via Canada (Quebec originally, Ireland before that of course). I was just wondering if you knew who your great grandfather was (I'm trying to see where we fit together). Thanks for any info that you can pass along. If I can do anything for you, let me know. Nice site by the way and congrats!

Kevin Kealy


 I love this web site.My name is Alanna Rose Kealy.I am nine. My dad went to this site his name is Scott Victor Kealy.Are you the long lost cousin my Grampa Billy tells me about.
Alanna kealy

 I married Thomas Kealy of Wilmington DE He is the Son of Thomas Kealy formerly of NYC. Grandfather immigrated around 1917.
Kathryn Kealy

 Dear Mr. Kealy:
The site is great. Had I known a Kealy was getting married I would have driven over to the city (San Fran), gift in hand. LOL

My name is Joan (Kealy) Burke I am the youngest of six children born to Ray and Margaret Kealy. My paternal granparents were from Canada John and Nora (Hogan). My nephew has done a bunch of research and we have been told that we had many relatives in New York, Los Angeles and Texas. My father was one of ten children (all deceased) and there are a multitude of offspring. Anyway, please contact me at ____ It would be great to talk to you.
Joan (Kealy) Burke



Thanks Ben.
My name is Scott Kealy and I am from Lowell, Massachusetts, descended from Patrick Kealy who emigrated from County Kilkenny in 1888 and settled in Lowell. I had no idea that there were this many Kealy's in the world!

Scott Kealy
Lowell, MA



I was just curious which Kealy you know from Iowa because I'm from Iowa too and my name is Lauren Kealy and I was wondering if we were related...E-Mail me if you could...THANKS! BYE
Lauren Kealy



Name: kealy e rudersdorf
Address: omaha, nebraska
Email: xxxx
Timestamp: 14 May 2000 22:17:54 -0400



My name is Tim Kealy I am from Monson Mass.



i am a Kealy as well, from Plano, Texas. I was wondering how you get an e-mail address with the at the end. I would like to get one also. please get back to me.
Molly Kealy
Plano, TX



hello there,
my name is Kealy Marie Reynoldson. i'm an 18 yr old female living in iowa but originally from nebraska. i was named after my great grandmother, Ellen Kealy Hirsch. Kealy was her maiden name.

Kealy Marie Reynoldson



My name is Kealy, I am 16 and i live in Athens, GA . Take no offense to this but was goofin off and just put my name in to the thing and well, i stumbled on to your web site. It was kind of neat to see my name, spelled the same way
Athens, GA


 Hi Ben - I just stumbled on your Kealy Website - it's great. I'm Ron Kealy, living in Frostburg, MD, recently retired from Frostburg State University where I was a professor of education.
Ron Kealy
Frostburg, MD



hi there just stuffin round the net and i decided to find out if there was a web site called there wasn't but i then tried and i found your site
it came to a shock that there was a site devoted to my last name(and yours)

Jon Kealy




Kealys from Ireland


 Hello Ben,
Greetings from Ireland from another Kealy !I have just found you web site and it is very interesting. I note a contribution from my first cousin Fr Sean Kealy C.S.Sp, Pittsburgh.
My name is Donal Kealy from Ballingarry Thurles, Co Tipperary, the Parish in which the insurrection of 1848 took place and during which the Tricolour (green, white, gold) was first flown. If interested you can visit and you will see my photograph. Also a photograph of one of my sons, Richard, winning a golf trophy!
The only ancestor that I know was my Uncle Bill who went to New York and who had a large family and had lots of Grandchildren, most of whom live in the NY area.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Donal Kealy
Ballingarry Thurles, Co Tipperary

 Hi there Ben,

Another Kealy for your list!!!! I was wondering if there was a history of the name Kealy, as to what it means and where it comes from and so on. I would be grateful if you could assist me in this. My dad has been trying
to find something but has not been very successful. you can email me at xxx

thanks again. Kindest regards and well done on the Website

Fiona Kealy
Dublin, Ireland


 My name is Paul Kealy from Dublin, Ireland. I saw your website and also saw your request for help re Patrick John Kealy b.1854. My father and aunt have done some extensive research on our line of the Kealys. They originated in Wofhill Co. Laois and we have traced them back to the 1700s. If you would like to send me as much info as you can on your great-grandfather, I would be happy to try and find out what I can from this end.

Paul Kealy
Dublin, Ireland



my name is eoghan kealy.I am from Ireland and i live in Co. Donegal. My e-mail address is xxxx


Hi Ben,
I came accross your website by chance. I am a Kealy from Ireland, Co Kildare at present but originally from Dublin. My father was born in Co Wexford in 1905. His father who unfortunately died before I was born came from Co Carlow



My name is John Kevin Kealy and I come from Wolfhill in the County Laois, Ireland.. I was born in 1921. My family were farmers in occupation of the same lands at Kylenabehy, Wolfhill, Athy for as far back as I trace - to the mid 18th century.

John Kevin Keay
County Laois, Ireland.

 Hello all. While surfing the net I was surprised and delighted to come across your site,well done! My name is Paul Kealy and the family originally came from a small town called Tullow in County Carlow Ireland

Paul Kealy
County Carlow Ireland


Kealys from elsewhere around the World

great site so far
Suzanne Kealy



i think this site is just smashing sign me up for one of those emails
from kealys in canada.

Mason Kealy



Hi, this is Chris Kealy, from Orpington, Kent,UK

I understand you are interested in finding out about Kealys from the Galway area of Ireland.

So far, I have been able to obtain certain information concerning my branch of the Kealy (O'Cadhla) clan You must however keep in mind that this info has been collated from elder relatives whose interpretation of events range, well, from anything between very good to hazy.

Visit the folowing website :

and then click on Links, from there you will find my ongoing family tree.

I've told my cousin Peter Kealy, who lives in Cherokee Co., GA to send you a mail. Apparently, there are a load of Kealys in the Houston area of Texas who might be descendants of our great great uncle Thomas Kealy, from Galway, Ireland who went to Dallas and married an American. Would you happen to be any relation?

Chris Kealy




Hi Ben,
My name is Nick Kealy from Australia. I am interested in your site and trying to help other Kealy's with info when I can and finding out some info for myself and my father..

Nick Kealy

 Guess this makes the third kealy from Australia! Quite bizarre really - I was just talking to Janna Kealy (no direct relation but probably there somewhere) who works now in the same company I left 3 years ago. She told me of the web site and voila! here is another to add to your collection of Kealys!! Sure given some time and inspiration the Kealy family from Patyah can contribute something to such a cause!!

Where are you based?

Louise Kealy


 Hi Ben

I found the Worldwide Kealy site by accident when I was playing around on the internet, half looking for geneology stuff. I am an Australian Kealy, based in Melbourne, Victoria. I have a sister Fiona in Perth, Western Australia and my dad lives in Toowoomba, Queensland. I have two Kealy uncles, one here in Melbourne and another in Queensland. There doesn't seem to be alot of Kealy's over here, so I was very surprised to learn there was a site dedicated to The Family!

I have received a few emails at my hotmail address for the wrong Kealy
(both John's I think), one based in Ireland and one in America somewhere.

Where are you based?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Janna Kealy
Melbourne, Victoria



Name: David Patrick KEALY
Address: xxxx Grays, Essex
Telephone: xxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxx
Timestamp: 06 Jun 2000 05:44:22 -0400



Hello there, we've been on line for a couple of years and this is the first time a search has thrown up your (our!) website. I'll give you a little bit of the history that I know regarding our branch of the clan. My name is John Kealy, I was born in London...


Hello Ben, so you are a Kealy as well then!! My name is Michelle and I live in the United Kingdom, there are quite a few Kealy's here. Our surname got it's spelling when my great grandfather was over in Ireland in the war and his name was spelt Keeley, but… My father - John K. Kealy was born in Dublin on July 29, 1909. He was the oldest of four children of Patrick Francis Kealy of Clonneygowan, County Offaly and Lena Holohan of Bennettsbridge, County Kilkenny.

Michelle Kealy
United Kingdom



My mom, Christine Kealy's site for Doula Care in New York City

My sister, Courtney's online photo portfolio