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The Branches of My Family Tree
After over 7 years, I have finally gotten around to adding my family tree to This was due in part to all the positive feedback I received at my uncle Art's funeral as well as the recent envelope of pictures I received from my father's 1st cousin, Janet Marks. Thank you, Janet!

Kealy Family
Chicago, IL 1905

back: Catherine Estelle, Phillip, and Eugene
front: James Gerald, Florence, Mary Agnes Ryan Kealy, Mary Lorette, Ruth Elizabeth, Louis, Patrick J. Kealy, John Arthur, and Evelyn

Harris Family
2505 Edison ave.
Granite City, IL
aprox 1928

back: Mary Frances, Grace Genevieve, John, Paul, Bill
front: Thomas, Peggy, Grace, John Benjamin and Justine


Alot of my information came from work my paternal grandmother did and therefore I have much more information on that branch of the family. Such is the nature of geneological research, where you sit on the tree determines your areas of focus and only your sibilings share that spot with you. Even your parents and your kids only share half their family tree with you.

I hope this information proves interesting and useful to others. It's been a labor of love putting it togethe. I plan to have fun and add everthing I can to this so check back to see how it evolves.


For privacy reasons, recent generations are not included in these trees.
?'s indicate dead-ends in my records. Can you provide an answer? Email me.
Want to send me photos to add to the archive? Email me those too.

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