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December 21, 2017
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Patrick John Kealy
1943 - 2015

On June 23rd at 11:05 AM (local time), my father, Patrick John Kealy passed away in Lucarno Hospital in Lucarno, Switzerland after an extended illness. He leaves behind his current wife, Inna Piscareva, 3 adult children, Courtney, Ben, and Patrick "PJ" Kealy, as well as his sister, Kathie O'Connor, and brother Bob Kealy. He was pre-deceased by son Sean and his brother Arthur. Patrick was a graduate of Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL) and the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN.) A avid sports fan, he played football and ran track at Loyola, was on the inaugural men's rugby club at Notre Dame and ran for most of his life.

Patrick was a founding board member of the NY center for the Jesuit program “Boys’ Hope” (now Boys’ & Girls’ Hope). He was also a parish council member of St. Ignatius Parish in Manhattan...

Read more and leave your comments, stories, prayers and thoughts on this memorial page for Patrick Kealy.

Cara Alexander Kealy

Caa Alexander Kealy

1969 - 2013

One year ago on January 25th, 2013, my sister-in-law, Cara Alexander Kealy passed away after battling cancer for over 13 years. Cara was funny, sweet, and, as we learned over her decade plus fight, one of the strongest people we will ever know. A native of Gainesville, FL Cara was a state champion cheerleader in High School at Oak Hall and a huge Florida Gators fan. She attended Boston College where she played rugby and met fellow ruger, Sean Kealy. The picture perfect couple fell in love and on May 28th, 1994, they were married in Boston, MA and she officially became a Kealy. Within a few years, they relocated to the Bronxville area of New York and few years after that they had a son, Harrison. Harrison was followed a few years later by Declan. Cara established herself as active participant in the community and eventually a succesful real estate agent in Westchester. She loved her boys and her husband with all her heart.

Her husband, her rock, Sean Kealy, passed away suddenly on September 4, 2011. On January 25th, 2013, Cara joined him in the hereafter. It was the end of a tragic chapter in lives of both families and they are both missed beyond measure.

Obituaries for Cara:

Gainesville Sun Journal Obituary Mount Vernon Voice My Hometown Bronxville


Ed. note: It has taken me a year to post this because I couldn't bear to do it earlier.

2012 Kealy Slideshow

Sean F. Kealy

Sean F. Kealy

1966 - 2011

Sean Fitzgerald Kealy passed away suddenly on September 4, 2011. Son of Patrick J. and Christine Keenen Kealy, Sean spent his formative years in Manhattan where he graduated from St. Ignatius Loyola grammar school and Xavier High School. He received his bachelor's degree from Boston College where he met his wife, Cara Alexander. He was a devoted husband, loving father, big brother, and a great friend. An avid NY sports fan, he was most happy coaching his two boys as well as countless other children in the Mount Vernon/Bronxville area. He is survived by his wife, Cara, sons, Harrison and Declan, grandmother, Lucille McCauley Keenen, his parents, siblings, Courtney, Ben, and PJ, best friend Pat Rehill, and a multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, and real true friends.

The wake was held at the Fred H. McGrath & Son, Funeral Home, Bronxville, NY on Wednsday September 7, 2011. It lasted 5 hours and over 500 hundred people attended.

A Mass of Christian Burial was held at St. Joseph's Church, Bronxville, NY on Thursday September 8 at 10 am.

In lieu of flowers please consider contributing to the Sean & Cara Kealy Children's, 124 West 79th Street, NY, NY, 10024.


I've created a site for family and friend
to share memories & stories, thoughts & prayers.

In loving memory of Sean

Obituaries for Sean:

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May 25, 2001
Jack's year in Kindergarten

May 2, 2011
UCSB in NCAA Rugby Final 4
PJ with the ball
PJ trying to pull away
Photo by Robert Corsi

My younger brother, Patrick Kealy, and the UCSB Gauchos are in the NCAA Div. 1 Rugby Final Four. After a dominating conference performance in 2011, the Gauchos hosted the regionals on their home field. They handled Oregon State in the Round of 16 and then followed that up with a thrilling come from behind victory against Stanford on their home field yesterday.

The Gauchos face off against Bowling Green on May 13 on the Stanford campus for a chance to play in the championship game vs the winner of the Harvard v Davenport game.


Update: The Gauchos won their final four game and faced Davenport in the National Championship game. Unfortunately, UCSB lost to Davenport in the Championship game.

Go Gauchos!



December 2010
2010 - Our Year in Pictures
May 2010
Kealy name and a dead end

I hear from Kealys around the world and the questions are all about the name itself or about someone's particular family tree. I recently had a nice exchange with Philip Kealy, a Kealy from the old country. Philip signed the guestbook on to confirm the Gaelic spelling of Kealy as 'O'Cadhla' saying, "I was know as Pilib O'Cadhla in Irish class." I followed up with Philip to clarify a couple things for those Kealys like myself, that are not from Ireland, about the pronunciation of O'Cadhla and Kealy. In particular, I had heard that Irish language pronunciation for Kealy is KAY-lee. Philip clarified that, "The Irish pronounciation of O'Cadhla is O-Kai-la (there may be local dialect differances,but I haven't heard them) and Kealy has always been Kee-lee" Alex Kealey added another contribution about the Kealy name in the guestbook saying he had heard O'Cadhla was "derived from a viking name." According to Irish Baby Name, it means 'handsome.'

So that's a little more about the Kealy name. If you have anything to add to the record, please sign the guestbook or email.

Philip also has his own genealogical dead end. He knows his father, Dermot Logue Kealy, was born in Donegal in 1900 and according to the 1911 census he had 2 sisters Bernadette and Oonagh (Sam.) And he also had "some relations at Hacketstown , just outside Dublin, but lost contact in my early years." But that's where it ends for him, he doesn't know which parish to look for the birth records in. I feel his pain, we found the parish for my great-grandfather's birth records but because of a fire over 120 years ago, there were no records.

Are you a grandchild of a Bernadette or Ooonagh (Sam) Kealy? Then Philip is your 2nd cousin. If you can help him make a Kealy connection, please contact him. His email is listed with his guestbook entry from May 6, 2010. (I can't link directly to it because the pagination will change as new entries are added.)

Thanks to 'Pilib' for contributing his homeland knowledge of the Kealy name.

Feb. 13, 2010
Mia turns 90

On February 13, 2010, my grandmother, Lucille McCauley Keenen, known to her friends as Mickey and her family as Mia, turned 90. I put together the above slideshow to celebrate the event. Mia continues to be sharp as a tack and said it was the "best party she had ever attended."

Thanks for everyone's contributions including all those who travelled long distances to be there. It all made for the special day we wanted for her.

It was great to see so much family together as once and to show Jack he comes from wonderful, large, and attractive family :-)

I will add slideshow and video of the party itself once I've gathered and compiled everyone's photos and videos.

December 2009
Holiday Card Slideshow

Ryans, O'Deas, Kealys

During the summer, my 1st cousin once removed, Janet Marks, sent me some old photos she received from her first cousin Rosemary Egan Orlando who I am also once removed from. Following so far?

The photos, which span the early 1900s to some time in the 1930s, are a treasure to have. Thanks, Janet and Rosemary!!! I'm been remiss in not getting them up sooner but better late... Enjoy.

Philip Ryan
Ellen Ryan
Grandma and Sadie
Grandma and Loretta
Florence J. Arthur Lorette

July 2009
Basil Kealey's Journey in Genealogy

"As we were flying at 32000 feet from Toronto,Ontario,Canada, I could not help but wonder about the lives of our forefathers who left Ireland in the first quarter of the nineteenth century under very difficult times and circumstances what with famine, religious persecution,the fight for independence and the like. My sister Marilyn and I were making our first flight back to the land of Jeremiah {Darby}Kealey who was born in 1792 in Queen's County.{Now Laois County} We both were quite excited about our holiday and especially taking a day to travel through Laois County and search for Darby's people and places...."

Read the rest of Basil's full Journey in Genealogy

Late Update: "It is almost certain that my grandfather Jeremiah "Darby" Kealey was born in Ballyhenry Townland, Bourney Parish, County of Tipperary, Ireland. From a contact I made on my trip to the Clog area last June and my non-comfort with my forefather being from the Laois County I was directed to the North Tipperary Genealogy Centre where my investigation of Birth/Baptism records indicated Jeremiah was born in Co.Tipperary in 1794. I appreciate all the help you gave me with my story being allowed to be told on your Website and request any information from contacts familiar with Jeremiah or his father Daniel Kealy from the Ballyhenry area,Co Tipperary be sent to"


May 25, 2009
Jack learns to ride
And Jack rides well

Kealys on Facebook? Really

I was very pleased to find that Nolan Kealy in NYC has created a Facebook group, Really Kealy for Kealys to connect on. He was even kind enough to link to this site. I suspect Facebook will be a more active forum for Kealy interaction and I've very happy to have another Kealy out there bringing technology to Kealys worldwide.

December 2008
Gallery of photos from the 2008 Kealy Holiday Card  

August 2006
Oh Baby! Baby!

On May 9th, 2006, we welcomed a new Kealy into the family. Lauren Elena Kealy was born to my cousin, Patrick Kealy and wife Antonia. Lauren came in at an even 7 pounds and 19 inches long.

Patrick says, "Lauren and Mom are doing very well and Alex and Ryan have been enjoying spending time with their new sister. We are all very happy and excited about our newest family member."

My (honorary) brother Pat, his wife Alisha brought another beautiful little girl into the world on June 27, 2006 at 3:49 a.m in New York City. Talia Hampton Rehill was 8 pounds 7oz and 21.5 inches long at her birth.

The family has returned to the Berkshires where the word from Alisha is "Things are great. The second time around is SO much easier- everything from the labor to sleep deprivation. Alena loves her new baby! She is thrilled each day to see that she is still here. She kisses her about a million times each day."

With as many cousins asI have in their 20s and 30s, I have new little cousins (1st cousins once removed) being born ALL the time. Here are some of the other recent births we are celebrating in the family.

Keenen Scott Vela July 30, 2006 7lbs12oz.
Rocco Egan May 11,2006 7lbs 4 oz, 19 inches.
Olivia Jonsson December 20, 2005 9 lbs 11oz, 21.5 inches

Congrats to all!

2005 - 2009
Courtney Kealy, Fox News, Baghdad

Starting in July 2005, my sister, Courtney, was reporting for Fox News in Baghdad.

As of Sept. 2009, she is based out of Jerusaleam

Go to Courtney's Page

Needless to say, myself and the rest of her family are extremely proud of Courtney.

August 1881
Patrick Kealy arrives in America

On August 29, 1881, my great-grandfather Patrick John Kealy arrived at Castle Garden, New York City's first official debarkation point for immigrants, aboard the Britannic. I was able to finally obtain this important piece of information thanks to the work of the Battery Conservancy in New York which has taken the Castle Garden records and placed them online thus providing access to a database of more than 10 million of the 12 million immigrants who arrived at the Port of New York from 1820 to 1892. This is a great geneology resource for those who's ancestors arrived prior to the opening of Ellis Island and therefore couldn't take advantage of that valuable site.

Patrick Kealy was the son of John Kealy and Anna Flood, who lived and operated a dry good store at 10 Trimgate Street, Navan, County Meath Ireland. Two years after arriving in America, Patrick married Mary Agnes Ryan in Bloomington, IL. Patrick and Mary Agnes went on to have 10 children including my grandfather, John Arthur Kealy. Patrick Kealy ran the Kealy & Lawlor dry goods business at 101 Front Street in Bloomington until he bought out his partner and expanded the business. He was involved in Bloomington politics as well as party to supporting Irish nationalist, or Parnell, candidates for Parliament with other Irishmen of Bloomington.

Patrick Kealy and family left the Bloomington area in 1892 but a visist by his eldest son, Phillip J. Kealy, in 1919 was noteworthy because of Phillip's successful business career that began clerking for his father on Front Street in Bloomington.

Special thanks to Mr. Bill Steinbacher-Kemp of the McLean County Museum of History for his invaluable assistance searching local Bloomington / McLean County records.

Welcome to

My name is Ben Kealy. I am an Atlanta, GA Kealy now who grew up in NYC. But as all Kealys know, we come from the old country; Éire, The Emerald Isle....Ireland

I welcome suggestions, photos, stories, basically anything that pertains to (dare I say)....KEALYs If you have digitized pictures you would like me to add, please send them my way, I'd be happy to put up more stuff. I can be reached at

Ben Kealy

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